quick confessions from a detained extrovert

a few days ago, I broke my toe. I had to take a day off of work to get x-rays (a lot of drama for a little toe, if you're asking me), and then I had 3 days off for canadian thanksgiving. thanks to that broken toe, I haven't been able to go out. read: I've been stuck at home mostly solo for 4 days. I actually feel like a bird in a cage. my whole house is immaculate and I'm caught up on american horror story, jane the virgin and I'm almost finished scrubs. today I went to the grocery store and I felt like a kid in a candy store, thrilled to finally get out of my house. I digress. I decided to link up with plucky in love's humpday confessions this week, because if I'm going to be stuck at home on the couch I should at least connect with my internet friends. right?

fall-robineylea: humpday-confessions


  • I confess that that I really love cold weather. I know half of my nation is dreading the -30 weather we have coming, but all I can think about is putting up my christmas tree, wearing beautiful coats and constantly having beautiful rosy cheeks. whatever, it's fine.
  • I confess that I don't think that essie nail polish is any different from other name brand nail polish. I guess it could be that I'm terrible at painting my nails regardless of the brand...
  • I confess that I still haven't framed my degree. I think I'm trying to pretend that university isn't over, even though I graduated a solid year and a half ago. which reminds me - NEWS: I'm thinking of taking some writing classes soon! just for fun!!
  • I confess that I'm the worst blogger ever. I have so many half-finished posts waiting because I am too lazy to finish them. or because a lot of my pictures are terrible. or because I don't have an angle. it's not a lack of ideas that keeps my blog empty, it's almost like too many ideas. does that even make sense?
  • I confess that I love using only lowercase lettering in my writing. something I've never directly mentioned on here but... but you may have noticed that I only capitalize a few things.

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