satisfying saturday: how to get the most out of your day off

sometimes I feel like I put so much pressure on days off. I only get two of them a week, and in my line of work they aren't usually back to back. by the time a day off rolls around, I've scheduled so many things to do for that day (vacuuming, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, meetings, blogging, coffee dates, outfit shoots, etc.) that they don't really feel that restful. sometimes to deal with this, I'll scheduling nothing for a day off, but that usually results in my next day off being even more jam-packed.

one of my goals for the month of october is to relax. you might feel that relaxing is a bit of a bizarre goal, and you're probably right. as I've mentioned before, I deal with a lot of anxiety. sometimes I really just need to take a deep breath and relax. this can't always mean doing nothing, because that can sometimes make me feel more anxious in the long run. here's how I've been trying to get the most out of my days off.

don't get too caught up in a schedule. if you oversleep a little bit, give yourself grace - you probably needed it. if you're meeting up with people, this step can be a little bit hard - I find it works well to have a flexible meeting time or place. when setting a scheduled event, be generous with estimating how much time whatever you're doing beforehand is going to take you. there's nothing better than just taking your time on a sunny saturday, and you don't want to be rushing around!

pick a few things that you really want to get done... and actually do them. this past saturday, I knew that I wanted to change around some furniture, make dinners for the week and get some groceries. while I was cooking, I listened to the ultra-peaceful new album from the milk carton kids (go listen!!). instead of just heading to the closest safeway for groceries, I decided to go to the farmer's market. I love grabbing a latte and walking through the brightly coloured veggies and fruits, getting to talk to farmers and support the local economy. when it came to changing around my furniture, I recruited help so I could see a good friend, and I also put a time limit on it.

take the time to do something that really nourishes you. for me, this meant taking the time to talk on the phone with my best friend for a little while. it also meant going thrifting for the coolest possible housewares. this past saturday, I managed to find a certified vintage marble-top side table. it's made of real marble and it is beautiful - but finding it was half of the fun! taking a little time away from the to-do list to just have a good time is SO important.

antique teacups at the strathcona antique mall

antique teacups at the strathcona antique mall

these are just some tips I'm trying out to really relax this month. I'd really love to hear how you guys coordinate your time: how do you get the most out of your days off? how do you balance getting stuff done with giving yourself that much needed rest?