blogmas confessions

welcome aboard the hot mess express. aka, my life right now. I am at home, quite sick with the flu, and it just felt like the perfect day to be linking up with plucky for some home-grown confessions. get ready for some real talk.

- due to being sick, I have not washed my hair for 3 days. some of you may be thinking "that is totally normal," but when you have thin, oily hair, it is not normal. it is the most un-fancy thing possible. I actually had to braid my bangs into the rest of my hair (which turned out cooler than I would have expected, but not cute enough to post), because I was repulsed by my own hair.

- so "why not just wash it?" you might be thinking? because of how sick I am, I get out of breath at the sign of any physical exertion, including standing in the shower for 10 minutes. this is a bit of an issue because I thought I would maybe use my sick day for getting some organizing done around the house. unfortunately, I was too exhausted and breathless to finish so this resulted in several piles of junk littered around my apartment.

- I've officially become obsessed with scrubs. when I first started watching it six months ago, I found it a little boring, so I watched it very sporadicly. I've just watched seasons 4 and 5 in three days, and I guess I'm officially consumed. 

- this is truly embarrassing. I have gotten really into the app "hay day." it's this stupid app that is basically the same thing as farmville, which I swear I never even played, where you go around harvesting food and selling it. why am I addicted to it? I wish I knew. 

- I did not complete even one goal from my november goals post. november was the busiest month I've had in a long time (which is probably why I'm forced to curl up on my couch with the flu now). I did chip away at all of them, but I just couldn't really get anything done! 

so those are my confessions. sorry for the realest post imaginable, friends. don't forget to link up so that we can bond in our real-ness :) xo!