four simple things I did this year to be a better grown up

being a grown up is hard. paying bills, staying on top of the housework, and keeping yourself alive are all things that don’t seem to come entirely naturally to all of us (okay, me). lately, as I think about my new years resolutions (post to come!), I can’t help but thinking that all I really want it to be a better grown up. 

that said, I’ve definitely done a lot of work in the last year to step closer to adulthood. here are a few things I did in 2015 to be a better grown up.

one / budgeting. earlier this year, I did a deep-dive on the website. it helped me track my spending, realize what some of my bad spending habits were, and get a better idea of where I was sitting financially. this deep-dive inspired me to do a few no-restaurant months, and take advantage of more free things.

two / getting rid of stuff. throwing out broken, cheap or useless items has freed up so much space in my house… and in my mind! I’ve noticed that clearing out the crap from my house has made me feel more at peace when I’m at home. 

three / making traditions. although I moved out on my own several years ago, it’s really since finishing school that I’ve started having regularity throughout the year. now it’s a tradition to throw a friends-giving every fall, to eat kraft dinner on easter, and to play at the park on canada day. okay, so these might be bizarre, but I love that now I get to have traditions of my own every year! it feels truly grown-up.

four / learning to say no. this was the biggest step towards true adulthood that I’ve taken so far. when I was in school, I remember feeling that I had to say an enthusiastic yes! to everything anyone asked of me so that they would like me. the result? I ended up constantly feeling burnt out and exhausted. nowadays, I feel little hesitation to setting boundaries in my relationships and being honest when I don’t have the time or energy for another commitment. 

well, there’s my list. are you any good at adulting? what do you do to be a good grown-up?