how to become a hipster in 4 easy steps

I think the line between hipster and basic white girl is a very thin, grey line. I'm pretty sure we are all aligned on the fact that I am a basic white girl, but lately friends keep telling me that I'm such a hipster.

this is a giant compliment, in my books. hipsters are literally cooler than everyone else, so to be compared to them is the the truth is that I'm not exactly the most hipster girl on the block, but my god, I want to be. if you're like me and dying to fit in with the coolest subculture in existence, here's a really quick mostly-joking how-to guide.

one / go vegan. honestly, developing a choice-based dietary restriction was how I sashayed into the hipster field in the first place. there are so many opinions out there saying that vegans think we're better than other people (and maybe sometimes we do) that this is the ultimate hipster initiation. other options include organic, gluten free even though you're not celiac + GMO-free. I think this step goes hand-in-hand with having more plants than you know what to do with in your home.

two / go thrift shopping. I am obsessed with thift shopping for housewares, movies and books. every time I beg a friend to take me to find (my favourite thrifty stop), it's always met with raised eyebrows. I have legit found the coolest pieces at thrift shops, including my marble-top side table and my cow-bowl (in which I like to eat all of my very vegan treats). but! it's very important to admire minimalism as a hipster, so don't got overboard.

three / find new music. first. honestly, I've been doing this since before it was cool. I liked mumford and sons first, I liked fun. first, I liked tinashe first (although I might not be proud of that). lately when I get home from work I'm always perusing the "new" section of Apple Music to discover jams to introduce my friends to. right now I'm listening to børns, erykah badu + the new bieber album (hey, not everything has to be an underground moody album, right?). 

four / get tired of things. I've never really learned this one. when other people get interested in something once thought of as alternative, hipsters migrate to something new faster than you can imagine. instead of becoming tired of things when they become mainstream, I just get annoyed that other people like something that I once felt a certain sense of ownership for. I'm way too possessive over my favourite things.

bonus / drink upscale coffee. legit, hipsters know their coffee. make sure you do too!

I've been trying to achieve hipster status for a few months now, but I've realized I'll never get there. hipsters tend to like things ironically, and I just like things. everything. I'm so full of like, the world doesn't know how to process it. so while I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never be a full on hipster, I can still enjoy new music first and thrift shopping. 

in the future, when one of my friends tells me that I'm "such a hipster," I'll like it so hard that all of my hipster credibility flies out the window. and that's okay.