resolve: my seven new years resolutions for 2016

I absolutely love new years. I don’t know if it’s my inner ENFP, but it’s no secret that I love new beginnings. first times. fresh starts. it doesn’t matter if it’s a new year, a new month, or even a new week - I love the chance to start something new.

unfortunately, new years resolutions don’t usually prove to be very effective. while I’ve always kept mine to a certain extent, I never fully achieve my goals past March or April. this year, in order to stay on top of my goals, I’m choosing resolution categories, and then setting individual goals each month to fit into various categories. here are the categories that I have chosen for 2016!

one / pay off debt & create savings. this is number one because it is the most important to me. debt fills a person with so much extra anxiety, and I know I can stick to a budget this year. 

two / work on my relationships. now that I've ascended into adulthood (yeah, right), I can't think of a better time to dive deep into my relationships & learn to care better for the people around me. 

three / improve my blog. I am so happy with how far we’ve come together, friends! I definitely want to work on my graphics, images & frequency of posts. I have a few classes lined up, and I’m excited to try new things.

four / minimize belongings & organize home. an un-cluttered home is an un-cluttered mind.

five / work on health. mental, physical, emotional - I need to take better care of me. I’ve been working on this for a long time, and it’s something I want to keep working on.

six / cultivate a personal sense of style. I feel like I have no sense of style whatsoever, and if I did, it would be “comfy.” I really want to illustrate my personality and values with my wardrobe. I’m going to strip my wardrobe down to the very basics and start fresh… on a budget.

seven / find new ways to learn. I really miss being a student, so I want to force myself to try new things and keep on learning. 

so those are my resolutions for the new year! if I had to sum them up with one word, it would be hustle. bring on the year of the hustle!


happy new years, friends! I’d love to hear about your resolutions, if you’re setting any. I hope you have wonderful celebrations and a beautiful start to your new year! happy 2016!