6 internet things that made me smile this week

hello, friends! so far blogmas is going a-ok (aka, I've made it 5 days straight. whew)! I'm a little proud of myself, but also a little bit overwhelmed when I remember that the next twenty days also require blog posts. oh well. in the words of walt disney, keep moving forward.


being home sick for the past week means that in between binge watching scrubs and marathoning children's movies (go watch book of life. right now. go.), I've spent a lot of time perusing the internet. more time than I'd like to admit, actually. here's a roundup of a few things that I am obsessing over this week.

one / DJ Khaled's snapchat. it's hilarious that this is at the top of the list, but when a friend recommended I follow DJ Khaled on snapchat, I thought he was crazy. now I'm obsessed. I continue to wonder if the posts are serious or in jest, but he basically constantly shares his secrets to more success (so far water, cocoa butter, dove deodorant and opening the door to your own elevator are all on the list). BLESS UP.

two / budget bytes. in my search for ways to save more money, I came across this fantastic food blog. beth creates recipes on her $30/week food budget. I love that each recipe comes with a total cost and a cost per serving, and all of it looks delicious. why should being on a budget mean eating terrible foods?

three / how-to create a gallery wall. I really want to make a gallery wall over my couch, so I've started doing some research on how to best organize the frames. this article from LC is really useful for getting started.

four / quick trivia. I've been a fan of the mental floss site for awhile, but as an auditory learner their videos are my favourite. this video on how popcorn started being a custom at theatres was pretty cool! (do you like trivia? where do you get trivia?)

five / become a minimalist. I definitely feel pretty interested in owning less and really cherishing the things I do own (yes, I'm reading through the life changing magic of tidying up. yes I would recommend it). this is a simple and straightforward prompt for getting started with minimalism!

six / princess power. I love this list of empowering quotes by disney princesses. I may have even linked this at another time (I can't remember) but this recently came back up in my life and I was reminded about how much I love it. I think merida is a major badass, and I'm so glad she's on once this season!

so that's what I'm obsessing over this week! if you've found any must-read articles or time-sucking websites, please link them in the comments below! how do you waste time when you're sick? xo.