holiday gift guide for the girl in your life

being a good gift-giver is not one of my natural talents. there are a few people in my life who always find the absolute perfect and most thoughtful gift, and I’m always all about the gift card route. it comes so much more naturally to me to share words of encouragement or spend meaningful time with those around me. in my pursuit of becoming a better adult, getting ahead on holiday shopping and buying thoughtful gifts were major to-do items on my list this year, especially as my family lives too far away to hang out with.

robineylea girly gift guide

I thought I would find a few options for each of the women in my life, and hopefully this helps you too! feel free to mix and match! I tried to find gifts that would suit multiple budgets in each category. if you have favourite go-to gift ideas, please share! 

shelbie, mom & besties - you won’t see your gifts displayed here ;) I’m much sneakier than that!


I’ve always loved gift shopping for my sister because I think I know her better than any other woman in my life. I know that if she reads this post, she will literally want every single item I've linked in all four categories (lucky for her, she fits into the best friend category, too!). a grown-up colouring book, a gorgeous scarf or a sweater from her favourite store are all easy options to make her happy as a clam!


my mom is tricky to buy for because she’s a busy woman who knows what she likes. while she definitely has a few favourite things, it’s nice to try to find her things that she wouldn’t buy for herself. a soothing candle, a chic purse or a cozy robe would all give her something exquisite in her very giving-centric life.

best friend

I think when I reflect on what I would buy for my besties, I have to think about each girl specifically. you can keep it completely thoughtful while still being very basic - there’s nothing better than a cute print, a monogrammed mug or some pretty nail polish for the girl you’d trust with your life.

bonus round: hostess

when you get invited to a christmas party or a group dinner, it’s sometimes hard to know what is appropriate to bring as a gift. while wine or flowers are always good standards, sometimes it’s nice to bring a little something extra! I recommend a tin of a relaxing tea, fancy hand soap or a beautiful coffee table book are all perfect ways to say thank you!

so those are my gift ideas for the girls I know this season! please fill me on your christmas shopping adventures so that it can be like we’re shopping together :) yay! xo.