blogmas day 8: food, weather & being good-looking

you guys. I legitimately have hit a blog-mas wall. while I do have some posts in production, I feel like today I am just blogging for the sake of writing a post. later on this week I plan to try out vlogging once or twice, and hopefully that will make things a little easier. this post is literally just going to be a little chatty catch up.

robineylea blogmas 2015

I am so disappointed that there isn’t much in the way of snow right now in edmonton! I love the snow - to me, there’s nothing sweeter than giant fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky when you’re cozied up with a hot chocolate or going for a walk listening to some indie christmas jams. to be fair, it’s incredible that it’s still warm enough for me to walk most places (especially as someone who doesn’t work out much), so I know I shouldn’t complain. as christmas draws nearer, I hope it snows a little more!

tonight I made a recipe from budget bytes - a vegetable enchilada casserole. it was delish, easy and very filling. it might look like a lump of food, but it was fantastic. the whole thing cost less than $10 and included tons of veggies. 

lately I’ve been thinking about how my appearance influences my success (more on this when I finally write about my new years resolutions). I notice that days where I put effort into my outfit, makeup and hair, people definitely treat me differently. primarily, I feel like people are quicker to smile and be instantly friendly when I put effort into my appearance.

I don’t know if there’s a way to test long term if my appearance influences my success, and I also wonder if men experience the same kinds of differences. if others react differently to you depending on how you look, then it must have a long term effect. I’d be really interested to hear any thoughts you might have about this!

well, friends. I think that’s all I have for tonight. happy blog-mas day 8 to all, and to all a good night! xo.