best-friendship confessions

remember when you were a kid on the night before christmas? how you’d go to bed so early, hoping tomorrow would come faster if you could just fall asleep? as embarrassing as it sounds, that’s how I’m feeling right now, because my BEST FRIEND gets here tomorrow! I cannot wait! I have been anxiously counting down the days for weeks and weeks, and finally it is here! 

in the name of best-friendship and bloggy-internet-friendship, I’m linking up today with plucky and alanna to share some confessions with you all. since you all stayed with me last week despite my less than glamorous confessions, I’ll keep it more classy this week!

I confess to loving coldplay’s new album. I knew I would be team CM and not team GP, but I’m SO team CM right now. regardless of the depth of my love for adventure of a lifetime, I need to put together an upbeat playlist for my drive to pick up my bestie tomorrow! #helpasisterout

I confess that when I get over excited about something, I can feel it in my knees. I know, it’s weird, but it’s like a dull ache. as if, in some way, my heart cannot handle my level of excitement so it directs it to the hinges responsible for holding up my body weight.

I confess that while my best friend is here, I might not be able to keep up blog-mas. does this make me a bad internet-friend? maybe. quite possibly. stay tuned. I’ll try my best.

I confess to loving the crap out of the victoria’s secret fashion show. it’s the girliest thing in the universe, and I cannot get over it. 

I confess that I can barely type out these words because I am deeply over-excited right now. I think I’m going to go sleep until it’s tomorrow. how do you deal when you’re excited? talk soon, friends. xo.