I love setting goals. It's the reason my blog has a whole category devoted to lists: I love organizing and then conquering the goals I've created. A big thing for me is new years resolutions - I always set several resolutions, and I usually manage to complete the majority of them. I'm not always great at achieving my goals, but I find that if I write them down or tell someone else about them, I'm a lot more successful.

This year, I decided to do something completely different. I had already started project 101 in 1001, so I had "resolutions" for the next 2.75 years waiting for any moment that I was bored. But I still wanted to do some kind of resolution-y type of thing. So I decided to follow the happiness project for a year. 

The happiness project is a year long book that has a different life area that you tackle each month with the goal of overall happiness. I decided to do this because I noticed that as people would ask me "what do you want in life?" or "what is your dream?" I would answer with "to be happy." It's not that I wasn't particularly happy, I think I just put a lot of stress on my life by trying to be a certain way or by trying to achieve unrealistic goals.

It's now march, and the theme for this month is "aim higher: work." so far, so good.

did you set any new years resolutions? are you keeping up with them?