this past weekend, the world experienced a wonderful pi-day - that is, March 3rd, 2015 (corresponding to 3.1415 for pi). something on my 101 list was to make a pie on pi day! this year I was able to do that with my best friend - we made a strawberry pie!


now, I'm no chef, and this is no food blog (nor will it ever be). I found a recipe on allrecipes.com (how else do people even find recipes?), and while I definitely participated, Cole did a lot of the work.

The pie looked beautiful before we even put it in the oven!


the finished product was delicious and smelled amazing. visually, it was not as appealing. the moment we cut into it, it essentially turned into strawberry soup with crust. But it was still so delicious - and once refrigerated, it was a little bit easier to work with. 

what is your favourite pie recipe? how do you get the perfect texture?