latest loves


thank you everyone for all of your incredibly kind words surrounding my last post about loving myself. things are feeling so good and I'm so glad the post was able to touch so many people's hearts :) time once again for my weekly roundup of wonderful things!

1. this week I went on a photoshoot with my girl destani. this photo is probably my favourite from the shoot, but I'm not really sure where to share this one. so here seems like a good spot.

2. I found this post on 10 ways to live healthier. Since none of the suggestions were "stop watching tv and workout" I was ready to endorse the whole post... and then she mentioned tea, which I'm obsessed with. yay. friendship. health. tea. mmm.

3. sexplanations is my favourite youtube channel, hands down. this week's video is about vaginal orgasms and was just such a good video I couldn't even.

4. this week I tried experimenting with day two curls. normally I wash my hair everyday (I know, it's awful), but I decided to try to leave the curls in on a second day, just wash my bangs and go with a high, messy, curly ponytail. at first, I think it was super cute. but it turned pretty un-cute over the course of the day when my fingernails kept getting stuck in my hair. oops.

5. I am obsessed with this desk organizer that I found through pinterest. I might try recreating it. maybe. DIY isn't my strong suit... but it's soo cute! 

what are you loving this week?