hi! I'm so excited to meet you! my name is Robin, and I'm so excited for what I'm starting here today. 

I blogged previously (for years) at shorelineshipwreck.blogspot.ca. I had blogged there for so long, that I felt that the vision behind why I started my blog had changed - in fact, I'd noticed that I had changed entirely! I decided to look for other creative outlets, and I stumbled across tumblr, wordpress, and then youtube. I started a youtube channel, dedicated to beauty, but I quickly discovered that I really missed writing. I knew that I needed to start fresh, and thus the idealist daydreams of robineylea was born!

I really want my blog to be an open dialogue about beauty, sex, daydreams + life in general. I'm so excited to get to know you and to share myself with you via this little space!

feel free to tell me about yourself in the comments below! my goal is to have things up and (mostly) running by March 9th!