friday favourites

hello friends! it's friday! yay!

here's this week's roundup of my favourite moments, links + things. have an incredible weekend! 

1. there are seven days left of target in canada, which is a huge heartbreak for the basic white girl in me. one of my besties and I went liquidation shopping this past week. I managed to spend $40 on $90 worth of stuff! I'm sure the makeup and clothes I found will appear here soon! #winning 

2. LOVED the movie big hero 6, so obviously when I saw this adorable post of baymax dressed up as other disney characters, I was all over it. my favourite is the genie baymax. I want my own baymax.

3. this little sentiment right here:

I made this using the Over app for iOS

I made this using the Over app for iOS

4. this hilarious post from destani about having a successful photoshoot

5. the past week or two have been all about discovering pinterest. I've had pinterest for years, but I feel like I've just figured out how to use it to understand my personal style. if you want, you can follow me here! I'd love to follow you too, so leave your handle in the comments section below!

what are you loving this week?