friday favourites

it's friday! it's a long weekend where it is totally acceptable to eat an entire large sized bag of mini eggs (right?), contemplate the meaning of life, watch friends marathons (see below) and drink all the tea. happy easter, if you're celebrating + happy chocolate eating if you're not!

1. since it is officially spring (even in edmonton!) I am obsessing over skirts + dresses again. I recently went through my closet and got rid of all of my skirts that I've had since forever but haven't worn in forever. Right now I want this skirt, this dress and this skirt. since I'm ridiculously tall with legs that are like ten feet long, skirts that are totally long enough on someone else are don't-even-think-about-bending-over short on me. it my spring-summer goal to remedy my collection.

2. this week I have been marathoning friends with my bestie. since I got my new iMac, we basically just pull the couch up to my desk and have a total marathon with whatever weird food creations we come up with

3. also in the above photo is my new teacup! I've just discovered an antique mall that has some of the cutest stuff. I feel like I kind of need to learn the art of antiquing though... I haven't quite figured out how to sort through the crap to get to the good, pretty, delicate stuff! I also haven't figured out how to find the best deals.

4. this week I saw a quote from mindy kaling on instagram. "When I'm writing quietly for hours alone it is nice to wear [jewelry] to make me feel glitzy and part of something bigger and glamorous." although she was referring to a particular jewelry brand, it was kind of a girly reminder to me of why I love dressing up and always looking pretty even when I'm just going out for groceries. it makes me feel good - and that's what counts!

5. this week I finally got my hair did after several months and really sad, grown out roots (thankfully it looked like a cheap ombré so that's something). I am so happy with the outcome! I think it's blonder and fresher and I feel more ready for spring. thanks to the mirror in anthro for the perfect lighting for this selfie.


that's my week for you - what are you loving lately?