sweetly single

I am single.

normally, that kind of phrase would make me feel so imperfect. the phrase itself would literally have me hating myself and feeling in every way not good enough for whatever relationship I felt like I needed to be in at the time. I'd feel jealous of my non-single friends, and day dream about guys falling in love with me.

lately, this has been a conscious choice. it's not that there are hoards of boys knocking at my door (or at least, not that I've noticed), but the opportunities I've had to pursue dating I have been finding myself turning down. saying no to dates, deleting tinder + just not really looking for boys are all on my current repertoire. 

I mean, I have my moments. whenever I meet a strong ENTJ or INTJ I'm all like clumsy fergie-style, and when I see a tall broad shouldered man I stand a little straighter (and stick out my boobs a little further, let's be real here) but in reality, I'm really good doin' me right now.

why is this? how did I get here? am I always going to live in this little happy-to-be-single box?

I mean, a lot of it came from learning to love myself and realizing no man could ever make me feel complete. but I think I'm just growing so much as a person right now that I couldn't really imagine having another person to think about in a full time way. I couldn't put effort into a relationship right now when all of my effort is going into my relationship with me. I do whatever I want with my time, body and money. it's the bomb.com/ca.

now, if a more sensitive harvey specter showed up... girl, you know I'm about that! I'm not saying no to dating altogether, it's just not really what I'm interested in right now.

what's your relationship status? what's your relationship with your relationship status?