a speed date with me

since this blog is a very recent development, I thought I'd share ten fun details about myself that you might not know!

1. I'm an ENFP, but I often test as an ENFJ. I know I'm an ENFP because of my functions, but I often seem pretty J-like. (what am I talking about?)

2. I once shaved my head in a cancer fundraiser.

3. I love my lattes extra foamy and a little extra sweet. this always makes serious coffee lovers cringe!

4. I'm really into social justice. I really do believe that we can change the world, and I really do believe we can end poverty.

5. I have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) - I wrote a post about it on my previous blog. 

6. my favourite pizza toppings are mushrooms and olives. I know, most people hate both of those things!

7. I have been to Chicago twice. Both times it was absolutely incredible.

8. my favourite disney princess is Ariel, but the disney princess that I feel that I am most like (and definitely my second favourite) is Rapunzel from Tangled.

9. I am obsessed with really dark, vampy lipstick.

10. when I was in grade 12, I'd thought it would be overly hard to get into university, so I applied to several universities and decided I would go to whichever one I got into. I ended up getting accepted into all of them, so I closed my eyes and picked from the list... and that's how I ended up at the university of alberta, and it's also why I still live in edmonton today!