latest loves

tgif, friends! this little blog has made it through its first week!

every friday, I'll be curating all of my recent most favourite things, events places + links.

1. I cannot get enough of this song. even though I HATE pitbull, this song is just my jam right now.

2. I currently can't get enough of the new sock-bun tool I bought from icing by claire's. I've always had an incredibly difficult time with sock buns + now I basically do one every single day.

3. This article was just exactly what I needed to read this week! I struggle so much with comparing myself to others, and this article really hit home. It's something I really need to work on, but I gather that it is a common thing people struggle with.

4. this week, I got together for an inspirational chat with my girl destani. she has always inspired me to write and create and be myself, and our visits are always my favourite thing.

5. I cannot get enough of this little card I saw on the interwebs this week. yes yes yes!

that's pretty much a wrap! what are you loving lots lately?