my closet is empty

I've taken spring cleaning to a whole new level. I seriously went through my closet in a frenzy and just got rid of anything I hadn't worn in more than 6 or so months (with a few exceptions). I got rid of old t shirts, too short of skirts, blouses I'd planned to "get into" and anything that was getting faded or out of style.

I kind of like the idea of building my wardrobe from scratch! it gives me a chance to refresh my look. looking through my pinterest feed, I feel like it's pretty evident that I like whites, florals, feminine colours and fabrics, and DRESSES. I feel like I just like to feel comfortable, but I'm really into the girly essentials.

I found this adorable guide on pinterest.

It seems like a useful tool. I don't know if I'll follow it exactly, but I also saw this post from cupcakes & cashmere, and I feel like I'm just trying to figure out what the essentials are.

1. I feel like I really need some new jeans in a very, very serious way. ugh. jean shopping is the bane of my existence. 

2. I need shirts that I can wear anywhere and feel good in.

3. I need someone to go shopping with me and put up with me when I want to give up. Any takers?

What are your wardrobe essentials?