friday favourites

I am so happy that it's basically always sunny out and I can wear sunglasses everywhere. that is basically my plan for this entire weekend.

here's what I'm loving and up to this past week.

1. I really liked this video on the economics of sex. I don't necessarily agree with the whole thing (it was really dismissive of the patriarchy!) but I thought it was really interesting and insightful in a lot of ways. check it out!

2. I loved this post on positivity. this is a real area of focus for me - and mindy is right! we are all stressed out. 

3. I loved this picture I found on pinterest. I can't even imagine what I might find I have time for if I just slowed down... and lived in the present. 

4. laverne cox did this amazing nude shoot (it's mostly SFW) and like wow. hot damn, girlfriend. I feel like the statements she made about doing it for herself, and also that others can sometimes need that body confidence to look up to really stood out to me. her storyline is my favourite one on orange is the new black, and she just tends to be a really kick-ass role model.

5. this week I've been just really busy! I didn't like that I didn't have as much time for my blog. with the preview of the apple watch, I feel like my ability to buy my camera that I've been saving up for has been kind of put on hold, which is a shame. I feel like I might go on some kind of a no-spending-thing for a few weeks to get my savings up - so this isn't so much as a latest love as it's a confession that I didn't have as much time to obsess over things and post them here. I've been learning about photography and design to take this blog up a notch, so hopefully that'll come forward soon!

happy weekending, friends! this weekend I really hope to have a fire in my backyard, and also develop some kind of blogging schedule and get some pre-posts created. man. putting yourself out there is hard work.