the coffee date


you did it. you matched with someone on tinder, and you've been charming enough that they want to meet you in person. you met someone at a bar, and they texted you while sober to ask if you want to get a coffee. that guy you've been checking out at your weekly yoga class finally asked if you want to sit down and have some tea. perf.

you spend 4500 hours texting your girlfriends and snap chatting them your outfits. you brush your teeth 15 times. you don't eat dinner because you're so nervous that you're sure you've completely forgotten how to swallow food and how to use a fork and a knife. you wonder if it's too presumptuous to shave everything/not presumptuous enough if you don't.

you (this might actually be only me) show up 25 minutes early so that you can be the first one there. you order early because you don't want to have the awkward "let me get it" "oh no you don't have to" "well I want to" back and forth that often comes with a first date. you spend most of that time trying to have your hair sit just so, and having your body positioned in a way that is incredibly uncomfortable while altogether majorly hot.

you open the book you brought because you knew you'd have time to kill, and you stare at the same sentence for roughly 15 minutes until it's the right time to send them a text that says "hey, I'm here now! see you soon!"

they arrive. your heart races and you try to talk and instead trip all over your tongue and forget how to words.

there is a great deal of eye contact OR none at all. there's no middle ground on the coffee date. 

the awkwardness eventually subsides as you realize you're enjoying the conversation, feeling considerably more comfortable, and experiencing chai-tea breath (not cute).

first dates are so incredibly awkward, but all of that potential makes them incredibly fun. 

have you had any coffee dates lately? do tell!