updates + life lately

okay, real talk babes.

life is busy. it is really hard to stay on top of your goals. I am so sorry for last week's radio silence! my ultimate goal is to get enough posts pre-scheduled so that I don't need to worry about writing in these really busy weeks. here's what's going on with me.

1. I've always loved social justice. when I was in university, I ran the fairtrade project at the u of a, and I was a VP for a social justice organization as well. recently, I was asked by an old friend to get involved with edmonton's fairtrade steering committee. though I was originally hesitant, I've ended up really enjoying volunteering again. it just means even more of my time is split.

2. spotify has a new feature where it creates a weekly-updating playlist based on things you've been listening to recently. I LOVE it. a favourite I discovered this past weekend was Luxury by Jon Bellion. go listen. it has such a unique and chill vibe.

3. I've been trying to get with it on the health front. this means eating healthier, thus spending more time cooking. also exercise. this means less time for blogging.

4. I've been wanting to buy a nice camera to really upgrade my posts. honestly, I'm saving up for it, but I ended up buying an apple watch which means I'll just hang tight on the camera front. maybe I should just learn how to edit photos...

5. I've been rewatching sex and the city because a) carrie is my life inspiration and b) it's on my 101 list. it's helping me hone in on the tone I want my blog to have.

6. I've been doing a whole lot of casual dating. it's fun times. but it's also time consuming. ugh.

these are just excuses though. I need to dedicate time each week to create content. this is my goal, this is my outlet. I need to make this my priority. this week's goal is to prioritize time for the blog. and to save money. and to sleep more. good goals? I think so.