friday favourites

tgif! here's my little list of things, events & latest loves from the past week. happy weekend, friends!

1. this week I went to see cinderella with one of my girls from work. it was SO good. the tagline "have courage and be kind" has been heavy on my mind since I saw it! I feel like it made what was originally kind of a shallow plot line a much deeper, much more relevant plot. plus, prince charming was a major babe. 


2. I was forced to download the 50 shades of grey album because the two beyoncé songs were album-only through iTunes. interestingly, I was not at all disappointed. I didn't see the movie because I don't know how to feel about it but like wow the album is both hot and emotional. go listen.

3. this week I felt like my life was a little out of control in the anxiety department. so. I downloaded (and PAID for) an app called worry watch. it is a great tracking tool for my anxiety: the reasons why, the outcome, the level of anxiety. it's pretty cool - if you struggle with anxiety I promise it's worth the $3.

4. I love this post about being a tall girl and all of the perils associated with my height. so funny. sometimes I feel like I should work for buzzfeed.

5. I got one of these adorable persimmons candles from anthro and it makes my room smell like a goddess room. lately I've been really into lighting a candle before bed and turning the lights out early and relaxing. this candle is amazing. 

what are you loving this week?