the pacific rim

this past week I had a small get together and obviously we played sociables.

during a round of categories (someone states a category, the group goes around saying things that fit into the category until someone cannot think of one and has to drink!), the topic of sex positions came up.

the usuals came up - missionary, doggy, girl on top... until one of my friends totally blanked and blurted out "the pacific rim!"

we all laughed, and then the topic of naming sex positions ensued. 

realistically, anything sort of bizarre sounding could be a sex position. we decided to come up with a move called the pacific rim!

ever heard of a rim-job? great. now that you've headed down that rabbit trail, think of the same thing but with an iced cube instead of a tongue!

ladies and gents, the pacific rim.

have you ever come up with a weird sex position?