real talk

I just need to say some things. here we go.

1. I hate the smell of roses. the smell actually feels aggressive to me. like the smell makes me gag. and everyone loves it! they're all like omg roses! and I'm all like where are the peonies! (no, but seriously. WHERE are the peonies?)

2. I feel forever caught in the waxing vs. shaving conundrum... especially for my hooha, if you know what I mean. Shaving? it's easy, cheap and I don't need to show my goods to my Ukrainian wax lady. buuut there's a lot of upkeep and I have to somehow throw my leg over my shoulder to get it done good. Waxing? it's SO SOFT, lasts forever, and my skin seems to like it more. buuut it's expensive, and there's that awkward phase where you need to let the hair grow so you can wax it again... sigh. will I ever be free of this conundrum? what are your thoughts?

3. I hate vegetables. it's just the truth. they're gross. the only way I like them is smothered in either sauce or cheese or cheese sauce. it's been pretty tough trying to get healthy when I'm like can I just have bread for every meal please? please inspire me with how you force yourself to eat vegetables. I'm pretty much only into corn and mushrooms.

4. the most important thing in the world is amazing girlfriends. having those friendships where you can be completely yourself and feel valued are so, so important.

5. becoming a sexual anthropologist is really hard. it's like putting yourself out there in ways you didn't know you even could just for the sake of journalism. shouldn't I have taken a class on this first?

6. I've never liked jennifer lawrence. I just want to publicly confess this. I think she's a try-hard, vapid, fake... and okay, we get it, you love doritos. that doesn't make you a person of substance. granted, the girl can act, and I'm still defending her right to take nudes (why I should even have to explain that what happened to her was sexual assault is beyond me), but I just don't like her.

thank you for listening to me rant. what are you ranting about lately?