last week was a very, very full week. I didn't have a single night where I was just hanging out at home alone! so, as you saw, my blog got no love from me last week! oops. I really feel like the worst blogger in the world sometimes!

it's really tricky sometimes to manage having a really full life with having downtime and feeling relaxed. I know that if I had a whole week with only work and no other plans, I would feel lonely and grumpy. after a few days of downtime I often start to feel bored and restless. but at the same time, the last week was so very full and had so many last nights that I actually fell asleep at 10:30pm last night. 

image via tumblr

image via tumblr

figuring out this balance is something that's really on my mind lately. as a major extrovert, I don't need very much alone time, which is what most people would consider to be restful. going to late night movies or going shopping aren't really restful events either. I think I need to figure out how to feel peace when life is busy.

I think this calls for going to bed earlier, more tea parties, more chocolate, and more yoga. 

how do you relax when life gets really full?