wear all day: l'oréal infallible pro-matte foundation

this year, I am determined to find the perfect foundation.

I've been relatively lucky in life to have decently good skin, so I don't wear foundation most of the time. I don't even wear foundation once a week - I typically wear it to dress up a look, or if I know I'll have my photo taken... or if I just really want to look on point.

because I don't usually wear foundation, I've never found one that really works for me. I usually feel like my face breaks out like crazy after I've worn foundation for a day, and usually I feel like over the course of the day it sort of disappears. I tend to have pretty dry skin. SO I've decided to test out a few for one week each to give them a go, and chronicle it here for anyone wanting to try a new foundation.

the first one I decided to try was l'oréal infallible pro-matte 24-hr foundation. I saw a youtube beauty blogger mention it, and I thought I would give it a go. while I tried it over the course of a week, I only took pictures for one full day to give you an idea of how it worked out for me.

I applied it overtop of a primer (benefit pore-fessional) with a damp beauty blender. 

first impression: I really liked the initial finish. it looked bright, skin-like, and had great coverage.

wearing it: over the course of the day, it stayed on my face relatively well with one exception. around lunchtime, it started to smudge around my nose, and I had one spot on my face that somehow looked a little lighter than the other areas of my face. it was kind of awkward to take a picture of, but it's the second image below. other days that I wore it, it tended to stay pretty well in my t-zone and wherever I applied concealer, but the edges of my face tended to lose coverage over the course of the day.

at day's end: when I got home at 9:30pm, most of the foundation had worn away. it definitely isn't a 24-hr finish unless you put a pressed powder on top of it. 

overall impressions: I didn't have any breakouts! I don't regret buying this product at all - I've used it a few times since I bought it and it's never bothered my skin, and it definitely stays in place for most of the day. I like the matte finish if I'm going to be using a shimmery blush (my go-to blush is orgasm by nars). admittedly, it's not a very luxurious feel, and because it's a matte finish, my skin needs extra moisturizer at the end of a day of wearing this. I would give it a 7/10 - it didn't wow me, but I also am happy to keep this in my makeup rotation!

what foundation should I try next? what's your favourite?