seven twice, seven twice!

if you're not already aware of this fact, I am straight-up obsessed with Beyoncé. 

I don't even have words for how much I love her, and I'm always on top of everything she's up to.

in the fall of last year, she released a deluxe edition of her self-titled album which included the song 7/11. when she released the video, I totally freaked out. it's filmed on an iPhone, which means it isn't a hugely high quality production. it's such a personal video... it really just features beyoncé goofing off and dancing around with some friends. it's my current dream to recreate this video someday, but replicating this one look is pretty important to me too.

the moment I saw this "kale" sweater, I knew I wanted it. fast forward several months to now... I was re-watching this video (don't judge me!), and I had the thought - what if I could actually get this sweater?

and it turns out you can!

the first sweater is the cheapest and probably looks a little knock-off-esque (but my inner cheapskate was like YES!).

the second is reportedly the ACTUAL ONE SHE WEARS IN THE VIDEO. it's expensive, but it looks way more luxurious than the other ones. and kind of fitted.

the third is kind of an option in between the two - it's a little more fitted than the first, but it's also less expensive than the second.

I'm not sure which one I'm going to order yet, but I'll be sure to update y'all once I do. I've never really been one to try to recreate celeb looks... but this is a whole different ball game.