assholes to avoid

dating casually is a lot of fun: it is exciting, liberating, adventurous. there's nothing better than getting to know new people and discovering more about yourself along the way. there are also moments where it's exhausting, unfair and totally predictable in the worst ways. while casually dating, it's pretty likely that you'll run into your fair share of weirdos.

but listen up: you are a total-major-hottie-babe, and if a guy you're dating (casually or not) doesn't appreciate that he can take a hike. here is a list of assholes that I have met while casually dating that I would like to avoid in the future.

1. the guy who only has time for you when it's his idea... once every two weeks. if you suggest y'all hang out, you're smothering him, or treating him like a "sex toy or whore" (yeah, that's a real quote) - BUT he has no problem getting it on like donkey kong if it was his plan. if a man guilt trips you for calling him or texting him, don't call him again. ever.

2. the guy who won't wear a condom. sorry, pal, I care a little too much about my health to waste my time even having this conversation. yeah, just because I have an IUD doesn't mean it's fine to compromise on my well-being.

3. the guy who gets upset when you're spending time with your friends... even though you've only been on three dates! you, sir, are ridiculous. get a grip. and maybe a life.

4. the guy who refuses to be happy. 'nuff said.

5. the guy who posts shirtless instagram pictures. this guy is good for a one-night stand, not for checking out hip brunch places in your city. related: the guy who knows the names of all of the waitresses at every restaurant you go to.

6. the guy who is super hard to get in touch with because he's just "so busy." he waits hours to text you back, doesn't pick up your calls 70% of the time, and is late for all of your dates. when you call him on it, he says something along the lines of "work was just so crazy today," but every time you see him, he's got his phone in his hand. sketch.

7. the guy who just wants to be the most drunk person at the party. ambition is important. this ambition is lacking substance. hah.

8. the guy who suggests you order a salad instead of the burger you ordered. girl you do you. and definitely don't do him.

9. the guy who only texts you after 10pm and refers to you as "bbgrl." he's only interested in your hooha, baby girl. well, yours, and the other 3 bbgrls he's got on speed dial.

10. any guy who makes you feel like you're not good enough. BYE FELICIA. you are an amazing sunflower of happiness and any guy who doesn't see that isn't worth your time.

if you've run into a few of these jerks over the course of dating, I feel ya friend. feel free to share stories about the assholes you want to avoid in the comments below!