tv personalities

I love tv. I'm not exaggerating. I follow way too many shows, and I get pretty addicted to them. I start to feel like the characters are people that I know. I have the easiest time getting into a show if I find a character I can really relate to. although there are a lot of characters out there who share some of my personality traits, there are a few that make me think 'wow, I think the writer of this show is following me around.' and here they are!

Leslie Knope: if you've never seen parks and recreation, you need to stop what you are doing right this very minute, and go watch it. Leslie Knope is basically who I am. I'm convinced she's an organized ENFP like me (that whole extroverted intuition being our primary function thing), plus she cares about people in such a deep way! she wants to change the world and is goal oriented. also. ALL of the things she says could basically come right out of my mouth. when I was looking for images for this post, it was so hard to choose one because every. single. quote. resonated with me so hard. so here are two.

Penny Harts: happy endings is one of the most underrated shows out there. the moment Penny first came on the screen, I instantly related to her. she's totally ridiculous, shortens up any word that she can, but she cares about her friends in the deepest way imaginable. all of the shenanigans she gets into are things I could really see myself doing, and her "year of Penny" was just this solid shoutout to my life. she's another organized ENFP, and she's one of those kick-ass softies... and I adore her.

Carrie Bradshaw: okay, first of all, Carrie calls herself a sexual anthropologist. that's what I am! but real talk: Carrie is another ENFP that I can't help but relate to. she has her friends' backs, she isn't afraid to put herself out there, and she's incredibly honest. she gets pretty selfish as the seasons go on, which I can see in myself at times too. whenever I need inspiration or a just some girl-love, I pop on some sex and the city and let the carrie-isms inspire me. she's beautiful and wonderful and I just want to be her.

oh man, it was hard to narrow down quotes for all of these babes. next time I need inspiration, I'm just going to look at memes for these three characters. An honourable mention? April Kepner from grey's anatomy.

who are your tv soul-sisters?