in about 30 days, I will be in my mid-twenties.

this is a harsh reality for me. when I meet new people and they ask how old I am, I almost always say 21... even though I'm seconds away from turning 24.

life is significantly different from how it was when I was 18. I can't stay up past midnight (aka, I'm usually in bed with my tea and netflix at 10pm, and falling asleep halfway through whichever episode I've chosen). I can't get away without moisturizing twice a day, and I can't fall asleep with makeup on my face. I don't go to places just because they're offering free pizza, and I've even started paying for my music collection. more seriously, I can't eat junk food without stomach pain, heartburn and excess fat getting the best of me.

going into my mid-twenties, I really want my health to be a priority for me. between yoga, meditation and walking, I've made some great changes, but I'm starting to get the hint that my diet is also really important (duh, right?). I've been following some plant-based food bloggers for some time, and it seems to be that the healthiest of diets are the ones that primarily use natural + plant-based foods.

I was considering doing beyoncé's 22 day vegan challenge (as it takes about 3 weeks to build a habit). I was looking at my calendar and realized it was just a month til my birthday... so #30daysvegan was born.


I've been mostly a vegetarian for a long time. I don't eat tons of meat (I usually won't cook meat at all, and only have it when I'm eating out!). cutting out meat will not be the hard part for me. it's the cheeses. the milky-lattes. and having to read ingredient lists on everything. but I know this is what's good for my body, and good for the planet.

from Tumblr

from Tumblr

if you're vegan (or just a health food junkie) and you want to share your tips and tricks, PLEASE do. I would love any help I can get! here's to a healthier 24, and a successful 30 days! if you want to follow my challenge, I'll be uploading pictures to instagram (@robineylea) with the hashtag #30daysvegan.