forward motion

do you ever feel like your life has stopped moving?

you know the moment. when you don't get the promotion at work that you've been gunning hard for. when your childhood friend gets engaged. when your previous classmate got into her masters. when a coworker your age buys his first house.

it's in those moments that I just feel that horrible pang in the pit of my stomach. maybe you know the one: the failure-pang.

that voice inside makes me question all of the steps I took to get to this place. I don't know what it is about the success of others that makes me feel like I haven't achieved anything in life. I have always really struggled with comparing myself to others, and I know that when someone achieves something, it makes me question my own life. why am I not there yet?

this can sometimes propel me to act like I'm someone else. I'll try to emulate everything about this person who has found success, and I end up tripping over myself in the process. it's not cute.

if I dwell too long on these feelings, it feels like nothing is going on in my life. I work, I blog, I sleep, I eat. repeat. and then things really start to fall apart. I bounce between feeling like a failure and feeling deeply misunderstood. it's all quite melodramatic.

in these moments it's important to remember the little things. I've lost 12 pounds since I went vegan two weeks ago. I've been improving leaps and bounds at controlling my emotions. I'm deepening my relationships. I've learned to make the perfect cup of coffee. I've started paying back my student loans.

forward motion isn't always leaps and bounds forward. sometimes it's those tiny, trusting baby steps that bring you to a whole new level. over time, these baby steps are transformational. it's important to trust this process and be authentic through it.

do whatever it takes to inspire yourself. when I consider these small successes, it gets me excited for what's next. it gives me ideas. it gets me creating. it motivates me to press onward. sometimes it just takes looking inward to move forward.

how do you keep up the forward motion of life?