products I regret buying

I hate buying makeup from anywhere other than sephora. at sephora, if you buy and try a makeup product and you don't like it, you can return it - yes, even. after. trying. it. this is the best thing in the whole world. but sometimes you just wanna get something super cheap. so you shell out a little less and take the risk of not liking a particular product. most of the time, it works out just fine. sometimes, not so much.

here are four drugstore products that I didn't really love.

NYX butter lip balm in marshmallow

normally, NYX lipstick is the - I have several and I really like them. this one didn't wow me. the formula isn't bad: it feels very creamy. it's the colour. I can't wear this without looking totally washed out. I saw the look of totally nude lipstick on pinterest and wanted to give it a go, but I didn't want to spend $25 at MAC trying to figure that out. this was $6, and I discovered that this skin-coloured-nude lipstick isn't the best look for me. I'll still probably hang on to it anyways... you never know when you're going to wish you had a weird shade of lipstick to complete a look!

NYX "mood" lip gloss in affectionate

okay, maybe I'm just an idiot for buying this product. it's supposed to change the colour of your lips over time to match a certain "mood" (this one is affectionate). I bought it because I wanted a new lip gloss, but I thought this might be fun to try. wrong! not only was it just a pale pink varnish on my face, the formula was gross. it was really sticky and uncomfortable. not a fan.

elf lip stain in red

this is possibly my least favourite item on this list. elf is usually my favourite thing because it is SO incredibly cheap, and usually provides nice results. this product was really cheap ($2, I think!) but man. it sucks. first of all, when you apply it, it tastes like permanent marker, which kind of freaked me out. secondly, it is really hard to apply! you have to push kind of hard, and you can't rub your lips together to move the product around - it's just what you paint on. thirdly, good luck getting this off. it stays all day, and forms a nasty looking ring around your lips as the product migrates over the course of the day. you need oil to get this off. definitely not a fan!

sonia kashuk highlighter stick in sparkling sands

this has a very bizarre feel to it. it almost feels like a layer of plastic as you put it on your skin. it blends REALLY well, but it feels strange and looks a little too light for my skin as well. I bought this during target canada's dying days, so I don't feel like I've lost anything. I'll just stick to my watts up from benefit.

so those are the products I recently (ish) regret buying. what products are you not loving lately?