birthday week

I'm a big believer in birthdays. this week, I'll be turning 24. twenty-four. the big 2-4. as I'm entering my mid twenties, it's interesting to see that life doesn't always go the way you think it will. I have this huge feeling that 24 is gonna be my year. I'll be writing more about that for thursday's post.

I sort of think birthdays should legally be celebrated for more than just one day. there's usually a two week period in the summer in which I consider every single day to be my birthday. this period has started! 

I started the celebrations off by getting a manicure and pedicure, and going on a shopping spree with my girl Selda. I decided to buy myself the Oh She Glows cookbook as a birthday gift from my mom, and my sour patch kids addiction has nearly spiralled out of control (they're vegan!).


I've always wanted to get henna done, and I finally had the chance this weekend at art walk. it was such a good experience! it looks so pretty. 


while I was getting it done, there was another girl getting it done as well. she heard me talking about my birthday, aging, etc. and proceeded to tell me that she was 32, and that it only gets better and better every year. she told me not to make myself feel like I had so many responsibilities and to just enjoy myself. I love getting pep talks from strangers. if your mom gives you a pep talk, it's because she loves you. if a stranger gives you a pep talk, I find it's very genuine because they were completely un-obligated to encourage you. it made my day.

henna the finished product

I also found some of my favourite flowers at a cute flower shop on whyte ave called laurel's. I NEVER find peonies, so I was ecstatic when I saw them. they're the perfect colour and they smell heavenly.


birthday week(s) is shaping up to be amazing. for my actual birthday, I'm getting my hair curled, my makeup done, and then I'm having a sex and the city pajama sleepover party with some of my best girls. the day after, we're going to the farmer's market and then to my favourite restaurant (cafe mosaics on whyte ave) for brunch. I can't wait! here's to the year of me!

how do you celebrate your birthday?