23 favourites

today is the last day that I'll be 23. all things considered, 23 wasn't the easiest year of my life. from heartbreak to failure, I experienced a whole range of emotions while I was 23. I also feel like I went through more personal growth in the last year than ever before. I discovered new things about myself. I pushed myself to chase my dreams. I became stronger. I healed. I grew to love myself.

I have this feeling about 24. normally the thought of aging grosses me out and I tell people I'm 21, but I just get the sense internally that this year will be amazing for me. I worked really hard through the past year to set myself up for success, and I know that exciting things are around the corner for me. I'm anticipating greatness this year. 

while 23 was definitely a challenge, it was also a lot of fun. these are a few of my favourite things from the past year.


1. beyoncé's 7/11 - this song practically jumped instantly to the top of my top 25 most played list on iTunes.

2. I became newly obsessed with taylor swift's music. normally I can't stand her, but her new album spoke volumes to my soul. just kidding! it was just really fun to dance to.

3. the 50 shades of grey album was a major favourite from this past year. I didn't see the movie, but the soundtrack is actually incredible.

4. when lady gaga performed the sound of music medley at the 2015 oscars. *tears*

5. I became obsessed with CHVRCHES... and they JUST announced a new album coming out this september! ahhh!

bloggers + internet people

6. this past year I discovered essie button, the queen of makeup and beauty and also someone I just know I would be friends with in real life. 

7. I became obsessed with dr. doe. discovering her channel basically made me realize I really could pursue a career in sexology.

8. emily from cupcakes and cashmere. I don't think I need to say more.

9. niomi smart - she basically convinced me to go vegan with her foodie videos.

tv shows

10. this past year I discovered happy endings based on a recommendation from a coworker. watching the show basically introduced me to my soul-sister, penny, which was just fab!

11. I started Lost. yeah, I know this was like a month ago. but like OMG. I'm obsessed.

12. friends - although I'd seen most of friends before, I'm rewatching it with someone who has never seen it before. this is basically like never having seen it before because it's experiencing all of those highs and lows all over again.

13. sex and the city - again, I'd seen the whole show before, but as I got deeper into wanting to study sex, this show became my muse. if carrie can do it, so can I.


14. ex machina - although this movie was quieter and I didn't know anything about it before I saw it, it was INSANE and definitely one of the top 10 movies of my life.

15. inside out - this was basically all of my favourite things rolled into one big thing. personality, psych, pixar, amy poehler. amazing. I cried my face off.

16. interstellar - wow. I can't even words with this one.

17. this is totes embarrassing. I consider myself a pretty deep person, but this year I fell in love with eat pray love. I just related so much to liz. 

moments + things

18. one of my favourite moments from the past year was the week-long alberta-wide road trip I went on with my best friend. we had so much fun, and I got to see parts of the province I'd never seen. 

19. speaking of road trips, both of the one-day-road-trips I took with Connor and Cole were major highlights in the past year.

20. I got to see my nephew take his first steps... sort of. it was really special, even if he needed help!

21. I bought my first mac, named her macky, and haven't looked back since.

22. this past year I came to terms with my anxiety disorder, and it's improved so much ever since I have.

23. I started this blog, which has become a space for all of my thoughts and favourite things. I'm so happy we're here together.

what were your favourite things from the past year? are you loving the age you're at, or excited for what's next?