pretty + inspiring

sometimes, it's hard to find inspiration in the dullness of day to day life. sometimes you just need a little pick me up - whether that means changing your iPhone background or creating a new pinterest board for inspiration, a pretty picture with a motivational quote over top can do wonders for the un-inspired heart.

life has been so full lately, that I get to the computer and I have a hard time slowing my thoughts to write intelligible posts. once I'm home for the night, I honestly just want to get into bed and watch scrubs on netflix while eating homemade sweet potato fries. I have a billion ideas for posts, but my brain won't let me separate all of the words into individual and useful posts.

recently I saw something that said "make a cup of coffee, put on some gangster rap and just handle it." this is really what I need right now! just a big cup of phil&seb, some kendrick lamar or some drake, and to just sit down and WRITE. 

in august I'm going on vacation and then moving, so I know I need to pre-write a bunch of posts so my life is organized. it feels inauthentic, so I'm struggling. 

alright, sorry for the rambly update on my mental-blog-space. these are a few I've found recently on pinterest/tumblr to keep me going.

where do you go when you need some inspiration?