the love triangle

my roommate and I have been binge watching lost lately. my favourite characters are sun, claire and sayid (I'm actually a little in love with sayid. sign me up for some ENTJ love). we're on season 3, so no spoilers please! I'm totally addicted, and the show is unexpected in every way... except one. the whole sawyer loves kate who loves jack who loves kate who loves sawyer... JUST STOP.

there really isn't any plot device that I dislike more than the love triangle. I hate it in real life, too. if I catch some friends in a love triangle, I'll call them right out for it! I think it's pure stupidity. obviously, we can't control who we have feelings for, but that doesn't give anyone permission to act like a selfish jackass. there are two things that I really dislike about a typical love triangle, and as usual, I will use my love of television to illustrate them.

the two people competing for one person's affection act like complete idiots. there's nothing like out of control jealousy to make someone look like a total idiot. jack and sawyer compromise the safety of their friends several times trying to appeal to kate. they're thinking about only their own interests! if two guys were competing for me and were acting as selfish and immature as jack and sawyer, I would not be interested in either of them. jealousy is a huge turnoff to me.


the person in the centre of the love triangle tends to lead people on. honestly, this is the worst part of a love triangle in my mind. you can't decide which of the two you're most interested in, so you keep them both on the burner until you decide what's best for you. SO SELFISH. kate has been leading along jack and sawyer since the beginning of the show. the worst part is that she totally pretends she's above flirting and games when she most certainly is not!

what do you think? are you as annoyed by the love triangle as I am? or do you completely disagree?