3 summer wardrobe must haves

usually, I'm a total fall/winter person. I love layering, I love scarves and I love LEGGINGS (yeah, I'm a white girl). I like rosy cheeks from crisp weather and hot lattes and dark lip colours. every year when spring/summer rolls around, I triy to make it out alive without changing my wardrobe. not only is this the sweatiest option possible (yup, I'm gross), but it is also incredibly boring.

this summer, I was determined to break out of my chilly season worship. while fall/winter will still be my favourite seasons, this year I'm trying to enjoy the weather and get a tan all while looking adorable. these are three summer fashion must-haves that I am searching for. help a sister out!

lace shorts

this is like the ultimate girly summer item! I feel like they're essentially boho-chic-sweat-shorts. they easily dress up a look while keeping you comfy and cool. pair with: cute sunglasses + a slinky silk tank. pictured here: one / two / three

rompers + jumpsuits

tbh, when this look first became popular, I was not into it at all. I recently went shopping with a friend and she bought a jumpsuit... and I was instantly obsessed. this look is the perfect way to seem put together while putting in minimal effort. pair with: strappy sandals + a cute hat. pictured here: one / two / three 


as a scarf obsessed white girl, this look was an easy obsession for me. a kimono is lightweight but sort of dresses up a look the same way that a scarf can! it's ideal for the t-shirt and shorts kind of day or as a beachy coverup. pair with: cute wedges + jean shorts. pictured here: one / two / three

so those are my current must-haves that I am in major search of. I think I might have to order the forever 21 jumpsuit and the aeo kimono pictured in this post! stay tuned for a post on summer accessory must haves!

what are you current outfit must-haves for the season? is there anywhere I should be shopping?