life lately moments

lately, life has been full of all kinds of bizarre-but-amazing adventures. so far, I'm feeling like this is one of the best summers I've ever had! I feel like normally I get really lonely in the summertime - during school, everyone would go home/on vacation, and I would spend a lot of the summer months by myself. this summer has been so different.

I'm sure it's partially because I am pushing myself to deepen my relationships as part of my happiness project, but also I feel like I'm just trying to create unconventional adventures. paying off student debt has me very broke, so this summer has me thinking a little outside of the box for fun and adventure.

last month, a few friends and I went on our second #onedayroadtrip to visit another friend in calgary (you can see the first vlog here). I'll be eventually putting together a vlog of the trip, but here are a few of my favourite moments at the calgary zoo.

on canada day, some friends and I celebrated in the most adult way possible - we played at a park for 2 hours. it was amazing. I have like 15 minutes of slo-mo footage of cole doing various flips and jumps. maybe I'll have to stitch some of that together for a full-length feature film. 



what adventures have you had so far this summer? any ideas for further inexpensive adventures?