six times lorelai gilmore was right about relationships

life has been so full lately. each day passes so quickly and exhaustingly that when I get home at night, I literally just want a cup of tea, netflix and some frozen grapes (yes, that's a thing, and yes, they're great). recently I've been re-watching gilmore girls because life in little stars hollow is the exact sort of relaxed but high-strung that my day needs. I've really realized how much I love lorelai. you can't help but root for her: she brings so much real raw emotion while maintaining a hilarious and honest view on life. I feel like lorelai's take on relationships is blunt, and although at times she can be a little (a lot) ridiculous, she can be pretty spot on with her assessments.

1. when she broke it down into basics:

2. when she gave us this harsh reality check: 


3. when she pointed out that attraction doesn't make a relationship realistic:

4. when she told us what happens when we ignore things we don't like:

5. when she advised us on a breakup strategy:

6. and when she showed us all that sometimes you have to go all in:

long live lorelai. long live the coffee iv. long live stars hollow.