#feelbetterfriday: three fruits to make you feel better this weekend

as a vegan, I pay pretty close attention to everything that I eat. I try to ensure that all of my micro and macro nutrition needs are being met. it would be very easy to just eat bread, potatoes and pasta every day as a vegan, but I would probably get scurvy. attempting to eat a plant based diet can be a little tricky because it's hard to stay full, but luckily eating colourfully makes it easy to ensure my body gets all of the nutrients it really needs.

one thing I have really learned since going vegan is that vegans don't fuck around when it comes to fruit. I'm not exaggerating: if you search up vegan instagram accounts, you'll see people putting 8 bananas in one smoothie, spreading avocado on every edible surface they see, and eating mangos by the pound. my life strategy is to keep it simple, so here are a few fruits that have maximal nutritional benefits, are easily accessible, and that taste like candy.


pears are one of my very favourite fruits. not only do they taste great, but they're filled with tons of essential vitamins and minerals. pears also stack up to be one of the most fibre-filled fruits available, making them indispensable for promoting heart health and reducing the risk of diabetes. there's an antioxidant in the skin called quercetin that is clinically shown to lower blood pressure, too! suggested serving: I love just cutting up a pear and eating a whole bowl of it, but I also enjoy cutting them in half and baking them with walnuts and honey for a decadent dessert.


normally, I don't believe in eating foods that require extra work to enjoy (pits are the pits). when I found out that cherries reduce fat and inflammation, prevent cancer, support healthy sleep via melatonin, and can greatly lower the risk of stroke, I had to give them a second chance. sadly, they're virtually out of season now, so I've been buying them frozen (and pitted!! hah!). suggested serving: while tasty on their own, I've been enjoying blending up frozen cherries with unsweetened chocolate almond milk for a chocolate cherry "milkshake."



I cannot live without grapes in my life. I love them because they are so easy to enjoy, and they legitimately feel like you're eating candy. grapes contain antioxidants called polyphenols which have been shown to slow or prevent many types of cancer and improve heart health. suggested serving: try freezing them! it's my favourite thing lately.

what's your favourite kind of fruit? for me mangoes and raspberries definitely get an honourable mention, and if I wasn't allergic to pineapple, it would too. here is a lovely picture of a pineapple to make your friday fantastic. I've decided to have fridays on my blog dedicated to feeling better, whether that's nutrition, mental health, sexual health or just for overall good vibes.