was it assault? a powerful video from an amazing educator

a few years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was deeply immersed in human rights work, and was studying psychology at university. I remember thinking that I would maybe pursue HR, or maybe personal training (at the time I was very into fitness), or maybe I would work for fairtrade canada. while every lead sounded interesting to me, nothing ever felt like the thing. at the same time, I was always really interested in human sexuality, I didn't really think it could be a job!*

one day, I was watching youtube videos and youtube suggested a channel called sexplanations to me. I clicked on the intro video, and discovered that sex therapy was a real thing... and that I could have a career in it! this channel helped me realize that having a passion for sex was something that I could turn into a career. now, here I am with a sex blog hoping to pursue a masters in human sexuality! 

dr. doe's videos have continued to inspire and educate myself and thousands of others. it's easy to feel like she's a friend when you're watching her video. this week's video was one with a difficult but important message.

wow. I loved this video so much! it's something that needs to be talked about. I loved that this video was all about support for victims of assault instead of talking about context or details.

thank you, dr. doe, for making such great videos! this video can definitely help people, and I love that there is a whole channel dedicated to doing that.

(also, here's the link to the support website that she mentioned.)

who are your favourite youtube educators? 

*I giggled here when it occurred to me that this sounds like an oral sex joke!