downtime confessions

ah, time for some wednesday real talk! what a (half) week. somehow, the past 4 days have felt more like 10. from the crack of dawn to the time my head hits the pillow, I’ve barely been home. when I am home, I’m mass-producing blog posts, or cleaning, or conferencing with others. 

my full life is full of good things, thankfully. sometimes, you just need a few hours to yourself, so I’m thankful to have that tonight! as an overly brutally honest person, I look forward to all this real talk every single week! here are my “night to myself” confessions.

I confess… that right now i’m drinking one of those gas-station crispy-crunch-chocolate-bar milkshakes. it’s great, I’m not mad about it.

I confess… that I’ve ordered a truck load of chinese food just for myself. I can’t wait for it to get here and to dig into some deep fried wontons.

I confess… that I intend to watch the biggest loser tonight while binging on my junk food. not even embarrassed.

I confess… that tonight when I got home, there was a cat hanging out on the inside stairs of my pet-less apartment building, and I almost stole him. but then I remembered that I’m allergic.

I confess… that I often feel too lazy to take my makeup off at night. this is like my dirty little secret. honestly, I’ll get into bed and then remember I still have a face on. and then there’s a whole bunch of bargaining until I fall asleep. anyone else? no? just me? okay, cool.

I confess… that sometimes, even extroverts need alone time. I’m so thankful to have that time tonight!

don’t forget to link up with plucky & alanna today and confess your heart out, friend. how do you like to spend your downtime? xo.