currently: a list for when I have no post to post

working in retail I don’t usually get a traditional weekend, so when my days off line up with the actual weekend, my heart leaps. the next two weekends fit this description, so I can’t wait to relax, goof around and see friends. 

this weekend I’ll be hitting up the lululemon factory sale, seeing some Tarantino, drinking great coffee, visiting costco, getting my bangs dealt with, perusing a farmer’s market, drinking wine at a girly night + un-Christmasing my house (maybe). next weekend, I have four days off and not a single thing planned (yet). I’m so looking forward to some spontaneity, and some much-needed rest.

I have written about 5 posts for today, and not a single one of them felt right. this is the curse of the intuitive - something could be the perfect post, and just not feel right. in instances where I do not have a post planned, I usually make a list of some kind. and then I post said list on the internet and pretend it’s not cheating. whatever. I like lists. here’s one for the weekend.


[watching] gilmore girls - this show puts me into such a good mood that I just can’t get enough of it. in moments of stress, it’s so easy to throw on and escape into a world of coffee-obsession (same) + luke danes (marry me?).

[reading] the help. I never got around to reading it before now, but I loved the movie. I saw it for 25 cents at a garage sale a couple of weekends ago, so I instantly grabbed it.

[listening] to this fantastic playlist a friend made for new years. reminder: beyoncé is on hymn for the weekend.

[planning] february’s editorial calendar.

[making] an organizational system for my closet. I’ve never had a walk-in closet before, so I hardly know what to do with all of my space. hello, pinterest.

[feeling] clumsy.

what are you currently up to? happy weekend, friends. xo.