spontaneous weekend adventures

this past weekend was one for the books. it was filled with so much spontaneous goodness. while I didn’t really get anything ticked off of my to-do list, it was so worth it. 

on friday, I got up at the crack of dawn to hit the lulu factory sale. the selection wasn’t insanely great, but it was a fun experience! I got to spend time with some lovely friends and I came out with a fresh vinyasa scarf. afterwards, I watched the classic he’s just not that into you, took a giant nap, and then had a girly-wine night. it was great.

saturday was one giant adventure. a friend and I went to the farmers’ market (where I had the best breakfast sandwich of my whole life, by the way) and got good coffee. we decided to hang out with another friend, and he suggested we head to this out-of-town greenhouse. as a plant-freak (I literally have roughly 10 plants, and they all have names) I jumped at the chance to add some plants to the family. I picked up a peace lily (named lil’ lil, for obvious reasons) and an umbrella tree (yet to be named). at the greenhouse, we stopped for some of the most delicious cheesecake, coffee and pizza I’ve ever had. 

after this, we decided to do some blacklight mini golf (which I did not lose!!) and checked out a mirror maze. I met my new husband, a wizard, at mini-golf. we’re in love, be jealous.

after this, we met up with another friend for beers and the hockey game. we ran into a bunch of my coworkers at the bar, and they suggested we go out dancing… so we went! 

what did you get up to this past weekend? while I definitely appreciate planning out my whole life down to the minute, these spontaneous adventures really gave me life this past weekend. the entire thing was just a blast, and it reminded me that sometimes the best things in life are unplanned.