january goals

setting goals seriously excites me. I don’t know if this makes me the most boring girl in the world, but I get so excited when I think about how to be better at life. keeping in line with my resolution of improving seven life areas this year, I’ve set some goals for the month of January to propel me in the right direction. so, in no particular order, here they are!

robineylea january 2016 goals

one: finances / make a budget & refrain from eating out. budgeting is such a satisfying activity for me, but sticking to it is tough. I’m setting a reasonable budget for the month, and going to try to stick to it as best I can. a couple of times last year I refrained from eating at restaurants and getting coffee out for a period of time, and I’ve found it to be a really effective way of saving money. I feel like I grab coffee at starbucks nearly every day, and that money definitely adds up.

two: healthy / complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred & moisturize every day. apparently JM’s well-known 30 Day Shred is a workout every day less than 30 minutes long… I can do that! also: at this time of year, I have insanely dry skin. here’s a confession - I feel like moisturizing is so much work. it feels weird to tell the internet that, but it's the truth. maybe it's just my extra-long limbs. anyhow, I’m committing to moisturizing my skin every day this month!

three: minimize / organize bathroom, bedroom & Christmas decorations. I have so much makeup and random hair stuff, but the worst thing is that it’s scattered throughout the entirety of my bathroom and bedroom. I also have really gotta get rid of some clothing to get my new style game started. I really want to organize & liquidate both rooms. I want to organize my Christmas decorations as I put them as well.

four: learn / read two books. there isn’t much to say about this - I want to learn more, so I should read more. let’s be goodreads friends?

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five: relationships / quality time. I want to learn more about sharing quality time with others, and invest in good conversations and fun adventures with those who are close to me. it’s hard to measure goals like these, but I want to do some reading on quality time, and try to have a couple of hang outs this month that don’t centre around netflix or movies. on NYE, I had a games night with some friends and it was so genuinely fun - it really made me reflect on how spending quality time with friends can improve the quality of your life.

six: style / start with the basics. aside from doing a wardrobe cull, I want to start developing my personal style overhaul with the very basics. I’ve just ordered some new bras online, and I want to buy new underwear, socks & tank tops. having the right undergarments can really improve an outfit.

seven: blog / set up an editorial calendar & blog 3x per week. the editorial calendar is set up, and I feel positively about getting posts written and posted three times each week. you can check back for posts on monday, wednesday & friday this month!

so those are my goals for this month! if you’re working on any specific goals this month, feel free to tell me about them down below so we can be besties.

do you like setting goals? or do you prefer to take life as it comes? xo.