february goals

I cannot believe we are already a month into 2016! january has certainly been a blur, and I’m excited for this next chapter to begin. it actually hadn’t occurred to me that another month was about to begin until this morning when my monthly reminder to pay my rent went off. I took some time today to think about how I want february to go, and I set up some goals to fit in with my 2016 resolutions (you can see my january goals here!).

robineylea feb goals

one / no spending. despite my goal of spending less in january, I still went way over budget in several life areas. knowing my sister is coming to visit in march gives me extra reason to save money, so I want to put a spending-freeze on my life for february. this will exclude bills, groceries, necessities, and a couple of pre-planned get togethers with friends. have you ever tried a no-spending month? any tips?

two / try out friends’ interests. my resolution of putting more work into my relationships is off to a good start. january brought a refreshing focus on good conversations and time-wasters. this month, I’d like to be more open to exploring my friends’ interests. I have no idea what this will look like yet, but I know for sure that it will be interesting!

three / re-create my about me page. this has been on my mental to-do list for SO long. when I started this blog last year, I essentially copied my about me page from a blog I wrote for many years (with a few edits). I feel like it doesn’t reflect who I am now, and I’d like to re-create it.

four / finish de-cluttering my bedroom. while I did get around to re-organizing my christmas decorations and my bathroom/makeup, I didn’t really take the time to deal with my bedroom. I will definitely get this done this month!

five / wellness challenge. I really want to continue working on my physical and mental health, and the fact that my work puts on a wellness challenge every february is perfect. my goal is to log my meals every day!

six / learn about style. trying to overhaul my sense of style is really difficult when I don’t know what I want my personal style to look like! this month, I’m going to watch all of the youtube videos and read all of the blogs/magazines I can, and try to come up with a descriptor for what I want my personal style to be.

seven / watch one TED talk per week. I finally signed up for a free TED account, and to work on learning this month, I’d like to watch at least one video per week. 

so that’s what I’m working on this month! it seems like a lot, all written out, but I feel like it’s pretty achievable. do you have any goals for february?