emily gilmore, must-read articles & being honest

happy friday! we've officially made it one week into the new year! so far, my year has been filled with excellent conversations, hilarious shenanigans and a lot more gilmore girls. basically, emily gilmore is my favourite thing about the show right now. she's the perfect amount of put together and moody, and I am obsessed with her facial expressions.

sorry for the poor quality of these gifs, but I just find her hilarious so I just needed to share some really bad-bitch moments of hers. 

I also really need to share these two articles. this stoya-james-deen controversy really sparked up over a month ago, but this article is really well written. I also really loved this poem, which provides a raw look at some ugly sides of being a girl.

finally, I just wanted to quickly address something. I originally intended to write a whole post about this, but I just felt like I was rambling and over-sharing so I thought I would just make a quick statement about this here.

I've been blogging in this space for nearly a year, and when I first started this blog I wanted it to be a modern carrie bradshaw column - I wanted to talk about sex and dating as a single 20-something, and yet, I have roughly zero interest in dating as of right now. as unheard-of as it is for a girl to love being single, it's where I'm at in life, and I don't want to force myself to go on dates for the sake of writing posts about dating. I've been feeling for a long time that this has become more of a lifestyle blog, and I love it that way! I think I'll still probably write posts on sex and dating from time to time (especially as human sexuality is like, my passion, or something!), but this blog has become a (mostly list-format) look into the life of a millennial girl trying to get through life and grow as a person. 

I'm not sure what brought you to this blog in the first place - whether it's that you're a friend of mine, or it's that you love lists as much as I do, or if it's because the content resonated with you - I just want to say that I appreciate each of you so very, very much. thank you for reading, and thank you for letting me be me.