currently: a fall catch-up

it’s already snowing here in Edmonton, so I feel like fall is over and winter has started. I was even itching to start putting up Christmas decorations today! despite the fact that I feel Christmas is a 3-month period, I resisted the urge to bust out my wreaths and tree by lighting some fall scents from bath & body works and making some soup. 

it’s been a long time since we’ve caught up so I wanted to share a few of my current favourites and hear about what you’ve been up to!


[watching] the good place - there is something about kristen bell’s new show that makes me so happy! it’s funny, heartwarming and the perfect 20-minute length to watch before bed.

[reading] the crown - I’m embarrassingly obsessed with the selection series. the friend who recommended it to me described it as ‘the hunger games meets the bachelor,’ which is a perfectly accurate description.

[listening] the arkells - I first heard the arkells at a music festival at the beginning of september and I instantly fell in love with them. their stage presence shows just how much they love making music, and they’re canadian!

[planning] my trip to montreal this coming february!

[making] superfood salad to bring to work for lunches this week.

[feeling] relaxed. 

what have you been up to so far this fall? I need to hear about all of your favourite things! xo.